When to go whale watching in Hervey Bay

When is the best time of the year to book a whale watching tour? Find out everything you need to know about whale watching season in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

We are lucky enough to spot Humpback whales in the tropical waters of Hervey Bay between July and November every year. Hervey Bay is a world-renowned destination for whale watching due to the huge number of friendly Humpbacks that pass through this unique location on their migration route. The abundance of these beautiful creatures during whale season ensures some tail slapping action!

Whale Watching

When do Humpback whales pass through Hervey Bay?

First in line to arrive are male Humpbacks, particularly younger adults, who have been spotted in Hervey Bay as early as June. These early-bird whales arrive in hopes of finding a mate by avoiding fierce competition from other males. Matured male Humpbacks are spotted further into the season, followed by mother whales and their calves who have been seen in the Bay as late as November.

Although we recommend planning your trip between July and October for the peak of whale season, both June and November have seen many Humpback whales pass through Hervey Bay and sightings vary each year. Chat with our helpful travel experts to get the most recent information on whale sightings before booking if you’re unsure.


Every year, Humpback whales undertake a gigantic migration journey, from Antarctica to Far North Queensland and back, travelling a whopping 10 000 km. Hervey Bay’s tropical waters are an ideal stop for Humpbacks on this journey, as the fascinating creatures feed in cool temperatures and breed in warm temperatures. This pattern is due to the fact that Humpbacks have a layer of protective blubber which is vital for surviving the icy Antarctic waters. However, whale calves aren’t born with this life-saving protective fat. That’s why we see such an impressive number of visits from our cheeky Humpback friends each year; they’re bound for the warmer northern waters, so their young can develop blubber and grow strong!

What will you see?

Hervey Bay’s tropical waters, protected by Fraser Island, makes it the perfect place for these mammals to socialise and reproduce away from predators. Strong competition can be seen between male Humpbacks, as they attempt to exhibit dominance and attract females. This may sound intimidating, but these mating season acts include breaching, fin slapping, tail slapping and whale ‘love’ songs…  and are incredible displays of nature to witness! 

There is also an abundance of Humpback socialising in the Bay as these inquisitive giants play, get a bit of downtime and exhibit their curiosity for people. Mother Humpbacks teach their young calves important life skills here, which can be seen in their close-knit, interactive bonds and playful behaviour. 

Our whale watching experiences

Hop aboard one of our whale watching tours and witness these magnificent mammals interacting organically in their natural habitat. All of our tours are eco-certified, as we focus on educational, fun journeys that are safe for you and the ocean. You will discover the Humpback whale’s playful curiosity as they take a break from their long migration route in the picturesque waters of Hervey Bay. An unmissable opportunity for those wanting an experience that will take your breath away, naturally!

Whale Watching

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